Are you pesticide free? 

Yes, we do NOT spray anything on our bushes. I want to be able to enjoy a "healthy snack" right off the bush. We are NOT certified organic. 

Do you have blueberry bushes for sale?

We do have 5 varities of southern rabbit eye bushes for sale all year round.  3 gallon bushes for $20. If you want a bush anytime of the year, just give us a call and we will have it ready for you or be here for you to pick out what you are needing.

When does blueberry season begin and end?

Usually first part of June and usually only last about 4 weeks. 

Do you take credit cards?

We prefer cash but you can write a check and this year we do accept credit cards but there will be $1 service charge for each credit card transaction.

Do I need to make reservations to pick?

No you do not. No reservations are necessary, just show up Saturday from 8am-1pm. 

What are your hours?

Saturday 8am-1pm. The earlier you come the better. The bushes are in the full sun.

How much do you charge for pre-picked berries?

Unfortunately we are not able to pre-pick. We have to pick for ice cream and I just don't have the time in the week to pick more than that. Sorry!

How much are the blueberries per pound?

We will weigh them after you have picked and they are $4 per pound. Also there is about 5-6lbs in a gallon.

Can I reserve a time for me and my family to come pick?

You don't have to reserve a time to come pick. We are open to the public Saturday 8am-1pm.

Do I need to bring my own containers?

We give you a bucket with a bag lining the bucket. When you check out we pull the bag out of the bucket and you take them home in the bag. You are welcome to bring something else to take them home in though.

What days are you open?

We are open to pick only on Saturdays. We are not open other days of the week because we are so busy on Saturdays that most the ripe berries get picked and that week in between is just enough time for the next batch to ripen on the bush.

Will you have the homemade blueberry ice cream?

Oh yes (as long as we aren't sold out)! We have the homemade blueberry ice cream every Saturday while we are open. We sell small 8oz cups for $3.00 each. We have snow cones for the kids for $1.00 each. And bottles of water for $.50 each.