Our plants are grown in the field to minimize temperature and humidity shock when transplanted.
When planting Rabbiteye, two or more cultivars are needed to achieve optimal pollination for bigger and more fruit.

We believe our plants, in correct soil conditions, will supply you with years of delicious blueberries for up to 15 years or more.

We guarantee our plants to be healthy and ready to grow; however, we express no warranty as to the productiveness or the life of the plants we sell and will not be responsible in any way for the results secured (achieved) in transplanting.


Our plants are all southern rabbiteye varieties. They have been grown in the field and expose to local climate compared to other plants grown in green houses. This will cause less shock to the plant when it is transplanted in your landscape.

We sell 3 year old plants in 3 gallon containers. These plants are grown in a peat/bark mix, which promotes excellent root growth and hand pruning achieves branched top growth. Our containerized plants eliminate transplant shock and maintain the integrity of the root system. The result is a plant that has better first year growth and quicker fruit production.

**We sell plants year round. Just send me a text (704-609-1758) of what you want and how many. I will pull them for you and have them ready for you to pick up. 




Our bushes are 2-3 year old in 3 gallon pots.

Bushes are considered mature at 5 years old.

The bushes that are available are

  Tifblue, Premier, Climax, Ira, 

Powderblue and Britewell 

  ​3 gallon- $20 each

We have 6 different varieties of Rabbiteye blueberry plants, which are the most durable variety for the Southeast. All of our varieties will cross-polinate. This will result in more and larger blueberries.


Powderblue - Unlike most other varieties, this blueberry is able to withstand high temperatures and humidity, making it ideal for southern planting. Large clusters of firm, sweet berries grow from late May to early July. Excellent flavor perfect for desserts and fresh eating. Plants grow 6-8 ft. tall with soft blue-green foliage that turns orange and crimson in the fall. Benefits from cross-pollination.


Premier - A Rabbiteye variety from North Carolina. This variety is an early season variety, that produces fruit of excellent color, size and flavor. The bushes are vigorous and productive.


Tifblue - This Rabbiteye variety was introduced in Georgia in 1955 and was for many years the standard by which all other rabbiteye varieties were judged. The fruit is firm and light blue, and has a good flavour when it is properly ripened. The fruiting period is similar to powderblue and is very productive and vigorous, for many years.


Climax - An early season Rabbiteye variety that grows upright and has proven its toughness in various difficult soil locations. The berries have a good flavor, are medium in size and blue color. Cross-polinates well with Premier, and is a good commercial choice.


Brightwell - Vigorous, upright plant, which produces outstanding yields of medium-sized fruit. Hardy and well suited to the heat. It ripens early to midseason.